6 characteristics of a healthy and safe diet

6 characteristics of a healthy and safe diet
Are you looking for a safe and efficient way to those unwelcome pounds to get rid of? Millions of people are looking for exactly the same. Unfortunately, many diets are not healthy. The diet that you choose would have to promote healthy eating habits in order to get in a healthy way to get rid of the pounds. A healthy diet is a diet that the following six properties:

Healthy Eating
Choose a diet that your daily calorie consumption in a responsible way back screw without nutrients (koolydraten, fats) to omit. Make sure that the diet of all foods containing the food pyramid.

Physical exercise
The importance of physical activity is often underestimated. A good diet will do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day recommend and is at least 5 days per week.

Medical support
Talk before you start a diet, certainly agree with your doctor. If you follow a diet that severely limited consumption of calories or a diet with meal replacements, is always accompanied by a dietitian is recommended.

Eating habits
Making changes to your eating habits is often the key to lasting weight loss. Learn to recognize the triggers that make you eat on.

Slow but steady weight loss
A slow but steady weight loss diet that aims is most efficient. If you are a highly restrictive calorie diet with rapid weight loss, you will when you stop dieting suffer from the so-called yo-yo effect. When you resume a normal diet adopts those calories your body will look like extras and accumulate as fat in your body.

Plan for after the diet
Every good diet should also come up with a plan for what to do after your diet. With diets that do not, the risk that the pounds back flying much higher.