Advantages and disadvantages of the Atkins Diet

Advantages and disadvantages of the Atkins Diet
About the Atkins Diet a lot has been said and written. About whether the diet is good or bad for your body, you can endlessly discuss. Here we list here the advantages and disadvantages.

You can ‘forbidden foods’ dinner
People who follow the Atkins diet are often happy to steak, butter and cream back on the menu should be. They must be careful when you stop by Atkins different types of fats to consume olive oil and omega-3 should not miss seeing.

It’s an easy diet to start you go
Once you know which foods you can eat and have an idea of ​​how to count carbs, you can immediately start work. The diet puts a strong emphasis on how you find out your carbohydrate levels. People are indeed different ways sensitive to carbohydrates.

It is a popular diet which you can easily find information
There are many websites on the Atkins Diet. In your bookstore, you will surely find some books.

You have to count carbohydrates in everything you eat.

The introduction phase is controversial
The introduction phase is probably the most discussed part of the Atkins Diet. Unlimited consumption of protein and fat is so identified with Atkins that many people think it’s the diet. In the introductory phase will see many difficulties. Many people react badly around 3-5 days on the diet. That feeling always goes away, but they continue it will remember.

You have all the necessary nutrients play a minimum of carbohydrates
This would not be so bad if the introductory phase, but it would take two weeks, but many people extend the period. Vitamins and minerals can be replaced with supplements, but phytochemicals (substances that occur in plants and have a positive impact on health) is not. Sorting out which carbohydrate is appropriate for you, can be quite time consuming.

The boredom can strike
A diet with virtually no carbohydrates can become boring after a while.